Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End of the Birther Controvesy? Not If Obama and His BFFs Have Anything to Say About It

I've read some stuff that's saying that Trump forced Obama's hand, that Obama wanted to hold off revealing his long-form birth certificate until he could do the most damage with it, like during a presidential debate after an opponent raised the issue. The thinking is that he revealed it today because it's starting to hurt in the polls, and he needs something to distract you from high gas prices. But now that he's shot his wad, he has to search frantically for something - anything - else to distract you.

My take: Yeah, maybe. The problem is that the true whacko birthers won't say, "Okay, looks like he was born in the U.S.," and STFU. The drive-by media, finding the budget process too complex for their simple minds to write about intelligently, will instead produce a fistful of stories about die-hard birthers, who wouldn't be persuaded if they saw movie footage of Obama's birth. The press will identify them as right-wing teabaggers, and Obama has his phony issue.

Remember that all of Obama's speeches are deliberately peppered with fallacies of logic - his alleged deficit-reduction speech (I say alleged because he provided no evidence that he had a serious plan to reduce the deficit - see my line-by-line analysis below) was a masterpiece of the genre. With the press keeping the birther story alive by printing stories about the die-hard whackos, and pointing out they're generally conservatives, Obama can use a hasty generalization fallacy, the form of which is:

A is an X
A is also a Y
Therefore all X are Y.

Joe is a conservative;
Joe is also a whacko birther;
Therefore all conservatives are whacko birthers.

You can already hear him at a campaign rally: "My opponents have some pretty crazy ideas. They think the super-rich need more tax cuts. They think we shouldn't honor the guarantee of Social Security. They think we can get rid of Medicare and tell your grandma she's on her own. They can even look at my birth certificate from Hawaii and claim I wasn't born in the U.S. I don't know which of those ideas is the craziest."

Of course, Obama claims today that we have much more pressing issues to deal with than birther silliness. Anyone care to give odds that, accordingly, he and his minions and the drive-by media are through with this issue?

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