Monday, May 2, 2011

While We're Celebrating the Death of the Worst Man In The World...

With the success of the mission to turn Osama bin Laden into crab food, President Obama at least momentarily yields the title of Worst President Ever back to Jimmy Carter.

Carter, meanwhile, solidifies his standing as Worst Ex-President Ever by blaming the U.S. for starvation in North Korea:
"There are human rights issues that relate to the policies of the North Korean government, which I don't think any of us on the outside can change," Mr. Carter said. "But one of the most important human rights is to have food to eat. For the South Koreans and the Americans and others to deliberately withhold food aid to the North Korean people because of political or military issues not related is really a human rights violation."
I'm waiting for the United Nations Human Rights Council to pass a resolution condemning the U.S. Maybe Jimmy can write up the draft for them.

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